Welcome to BARKLY MANSION the WEIRDEST house in town….

Book 3 OUT NOW!

Edmund is settling into his new home on Sullivan Street with Kyle, Cookie, Fizzy and Lady Delilah – but things are never calm for long!

Will Fizzy find his LOST DINO? Which BLANKET FORT is the best? And will the playhouse finally see its first NOT-TERRIBLE show?


Book 2 OUT NOW!

Edmund is new at Sullivan Street, and Kyle, Cookie, Fizzy and Lady Delilah have lots to show him! Will the GREATEST GOOD BOY CHAMPIONSHIPS be a triumph, or a DISASTER? How does a fraidy-cat become a HERO? And what ON EARTH are ALIENS plotting for their treehouse?

It’s going to be a very WILD week at Barkly Mansion, the WEIRDEST house in town

Welcome to Sullivan Street in the FIRST Barkly Mansion adventure!

There is absolutely NOTHING weird about Cookie, Kyle, Fizzy and Lady Delilah. Except that they live in a mansion – and they’re dogs.


There’s NOTHING weird about their home on Sullivan Street either – until the day a new friend named Edmund comes to live with them. Then things do start to get a little weird …



Meet the Creators

Meet Adele

Adele wasborn in England and moved to Australia when she was 9 years old. She studied animation, and as well as illustrating award-winning books she has also worked in film and TV. She is a self described geek and loves collecting LEGO minifigures and hanging out with her dog, Jasper.

Meet Melissa

Melissa is from Melbourne , Australia, and has written three novels for big kids that have won awards and been published all around the world. Melissa has had lots of odd jobs, including IT person, drama teacher, waitress at a Mexican restaurant and Egyptian tour guide, but writing is definitely her favourite. She spends her free time being a big nerd and hanging out with her dog, Hugo.

Introducing Barkly Mansion

Some not at all weird activities

Activity 1

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Activity 2

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Activity 3

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